Homemade Reeses Peanut Butter Cupcake Cookies

Caseosa Crafts was born at my kitchen table, first as a hobby while pregnant and quickly turning into shipping baked goods around the world. As life goes and circumstances change so did the crafts behind Caseosa Crafts. Born in a new light, combining my love for knitting and snacking Caseosa Crafts has honed in on fiber and flour offering project bags and baked goods.



A little more:
Ashley at her machine.
I'm Ashley, the one woman show behind the crafts! I create awesome goods for the like minded, organized clutter of a person (that I am!) I bake cookies, knit hats, and sew project bags by night and am Mom by day. We're here in Oregon making the most out of life, learning how to be happy with what we have and make what we need. With every stitch and sift we are forced to slow down life and find the joy in the little things like straight stitch lines and perfectly golden chocolate chip cookies.
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